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Brise Soleil, Headland Road

Brise Soleil, Headland Road


Solar shading is a form of solar control used to optimise light and heat gain that is being emitted into a building.


This project was all about architectural alignment of the materials. The look had to have a balance in symmetry with clean lines. There was a nod to the nautical theme because of the seaside location and the client’s interest in boats. The material choice and the performance of the shade system were calculated for ultimate solar cover and the strength to withstand weathers elements and occasional foot traffic for maintenance and cleaning.


Our works started with structural steel implements added to the original structural frame, this then transformed when it came from the internal dry side to the outside incorporating a change of material.

Laser cut support arms (steel) were set to carry stainless steel through bolts which attach the aluminium channel frames which in turn carry the louver blade panels. All materials were considered and set up to disperse any collective water which works as a self clean finish

Support posts were doubled up as decorative and functional, some serving as down pipes for the roof drainage.