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Hotel Entrance, Sidmouth

Hotel Fascia, Sidmouth


Create a roof line finishing detail feature fit for the grand entrance to a refurbished hotel.


This project was well under way when we were contacted. We were asked to develop a fascia and soffit detail to dress onto the roof membrane and cloak the glass. Both materials had issues with either water ingress or fragility by nature. We managed to achieve both, utilising brackets and rails hidden within our own structure.


A series of site visits, templates and samples produced the design, the design had to cope with on site tolerance issues and the vulnerability of existing materials.

Due to the complex nature of the shape, nearly all the fabrication was welded part formed and cleaned. Where we could press the metal work we had to be mindful to match the folded radius parts with the welded and cleaned junctions.

Being a coastal location, the project was formed using 1050 grade 3mm aluminium and then powder coated with a marine grade system.