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Brise Soleil

Brise Soleil

Here at Reliant metal forming we have the capacity to manufacture and supply Brise Soleil for local and national aluminium firms that specify these architectural sun shade techniques. Also known as louvres, they can prevent large areas of glazing and curtain walling from overheating during the summer months. This intern reduces glare and solar heat gain whilst leaving excellent visibility through the windows.

Clean cut design. Sunlight in, heat gain out. Fixed or adjustable. Natural energy efficiency

This product is installed on a wide variety of public, commercial, office, educational and private buildings, with the variation of vertical or horizontal orientation. Available in any RAL colour, Anodised or Mill Aluminium

  • Blade: 100 C
  • Blade holder: underslung (single, connecting and corner holder)
  • Blade pitch: 100 mm
  • Blade mounting angle: 60°
  • Maximum span: 1524 mm
  • Finish: With plastic stop With fascia profile On a 30/50, 30/50B or 30/78 Series support profile 150 Series flat, 175 Series flat or 90 Series full bullnose