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Sheet Metal Manufacturing

Sheet metal manufacturing

We work with local and other UK and worldwide business partners to produce the sheet metal element of their product. At Reliant we have a wealth of knowledge of the practicabilities of the different elements of sheet metal and its well versed uses.

Our CAD facilities are linked to our CNC controllers on our state of the art press brakes for accurate folding. We make products for other companies.

“Everything starts from a flat sheet” we have the tools to cut from metal sheets, 1500 mm wide to 3000mm long and up to 6mm thick. This has always been technically speaking the realm of sheet metal – over and above this becomes heavy plate work, however our bending capacity exceeds the above and for smaller thicker items this can be supplemented by the use of laser cutting companies who we have close trading partnerships with. Manufacturing tolerance, is usually negotiated, this gives us concept on our pricing and what can technically be achieved.

Fabrication is handled by skilled operatives, who pride themselves and their work, to be the best that can be achieved within what is technically possible to match budget and customer’s objectives. We work in three separate workshops to control bio metallic contamination – stainless steel and aluminium welding and cutting in one, all other fabrication works to ferrous metal are confined to our steel based workshops